Today’s workforce is growing more diverse, younger and purpose-driven.

We help organizations transform the way they recruit, hire, engage and retain diverse talent.

Diversity has become an economic imperative.

It is a proven fact, companies with diverse teams (and leaders) outperform those with homogenous teams. Benefits of diverse (heterogeneous) teams include divergent thinking, increased creativity, and faster problem-solving. Although the business case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is clear, many organizations lack the mindset/culture, networks, and strategies to radically improve diversity and foster an inclusive workplace.

Despite the growing demand for diversity, ethnic minorities, neurodiverse individuals and women continue to be underrepresented across sectors and levels, especially in the highest levels where growth is driven by innovation and where opportunities for income and career growth are highest.

The shift to Collaboration for Talent

The war for talent is over — the old way of competing for “top talent” has contributed to the proliferation of homogeneous organizations and growing inequality across society. 

A new paradigm for talent is emerging, one that leverages inclusion and collaboration to unlock potential and foster heterogeneous teams for maximum results. This new paradigm helps organizations foster social capital, strengthen pipelines to diverse talent, drive new levels of innovation for the benefit of all and insulate against liability stemming from a lack of inclusion (which can cost a company millions of dollars, in addition to hurting their brand reputation). Today, all organizations in all sectors face a crucial decision: adapt or become obsolete.


driven by competition

dominated by an exclusive mindset

diversity as nice to have


only experts have a voice

maximum value for the company

zero-sum game


powered by collaboration

guided by an inclusive mindset

diversity as essential


everyone has a voice

mutual value exchange


Who are we

CFT is a global community of change leaders, organizations and companies working towards building a new talent system that focuses on connecting people to meaningful work and ensuring those individuals locked out of the talent market can participate fully.

While speaking to a group of silicon valley leaders about the merits of inclusion, Reverend Jesse Jackson once said, “We never knew how good the game of baseball could be until everyone was allowed to play.” Imagine the vast possibilities of a world where everyone who wanted to was able to find meaningful work, participate in innovation, and feel empowered to create change.

CFT believes this vision is possible and we are working to co-create it with our partners and beneficiaries. Collaboration for Talent (CFT) is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Partners

What we do

We connect

Social capital has become increasingly important. We help underrepresented minorities build social capital & the full spectrum of talent connect with purpose-driven professional networks. 

We convene

We gather leaders, influencers, and those most impacted by the issues to discuss the most significant talent challenges of our time and share those insights with our global community to guide action.

We construct

We build, identify, and invest in infrastructure, technology, and off-line solutions that achieve better outcomes for diversity, inclusion, and equity across sectors and industries.

our platform

By leveraging the power of shared-purpose combined with LinkedIn technology, CFT connects organizations with new networks of talent and their employees to social impact causes. Our purpose-driven professional network channels help diverse talent to strengthen their voice, gain social capital and cross-pollinate ideas in a virtual community of changemakers.

Expanded Reach

CFT’s ‘network of networks’ leverages combined connections for a total reach of over 28 million.

Increased Engagement

User posts get 20x more engagement than those shared directly on LinkedIn and increased engagement across all social media channels.

Stronger Networks, More Relationships

Users garner 6x more profile views and can grow their networks 4x as quickly; viewers of CFT Elevate shares are 30% more likely to become followers.