Human & Equity Centered

Collaboration for Talent (CFT) helps organizations transform the way they recruit, hire, engage and retain the full spectrum of talent.

The war for talent is over — the old way of competing for top talent has contributed to the proliferation of homogeneous organizations and growing inequality across society.
– Bob Spoer, Chief Entrepreneur of People/Search at Ashoka


In today’s world, diversity has become both an economic and moral imperative. It is a proven fact, companies with diverse teams (and leaders) outperform those with homogenous teams. Benefits of diverse (heterogeneous) groups include divergent thinking, increased creativity, and faster problem-solving. Although the business case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is clear, many organizations lack the mindset/culture, networks, and strategies to radically improve diversity and foster an inclusive workplace.


A new paradigm for talent is emerging, one that leverages inclusion and collaboration to unlock potential and foster heterogeneous teams for optimal results. This new paradigm enables organizations to redistribute social capital, strengthen pipelines to diverse talent, drive new levels of innovation for the benefit of all and insulate against liability stemming from a lack of inclusion (which can cost a company millions of dollars, in addition to hurting their brand reputation). It’s a proven fact, today’s workforce is growing more diverse, younger and purpose-driven. As a result, all organizations in all sectors face a crucial decision: adapt or become obsolete.

Old Paradigm
driven by competition
dominated by an exclusive mindset
diversity as nice to have
only experts have a voice
zero-sum game
New Paradigm
powered by collaboration
guided by an inclusive mindset
diversity as essential
everyone has a voice
good for all

Who Are We


CFT is a global community of talent change leaders, organizations and companies working towards building a new talent system that focuses on connecting people to meaningful work and ensuring those individuals locked out of the talent market can participate fully. 


Collaboration for Talent, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

We connect
Network inequality holds many people of color and women back from realizing their promise. That is why we focus on the redistribution of social capital through purpose-driven professional networks.
We convene
We gather leaders, influencers, and those most impacted by the issues to discuss the most significant talent challenges of our time and share those insights with our global community to guide action.
We construct
We build, identify, and invest in infrastructure, technology, and off-line solutions that achieve better outcomes for diversity, inclusion, and equity across sectors and industries.

Our Elevate Platform

A first-of-its-kind platform for inclusive networking through shared purpose. 

Our system leverages LinkedIn technology to create a ‘network of networks’ centered around various social impact goals to create a total reach of 28 million and growing.

Users that posts through our Elevate system get 20x more engagements than those shared directly on LinkedIn, plus increased engagement across major social media channels.

Our users garner 6x more profile views and can grow their networks 4x as quickly; viewers of Elevate shares are 30% more likely to become followers.

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